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A Eucharisteo Moment

I walk in a rhythm of highs and lows. Interaction after interaction. Seeing the hearts in need of help. In a deep deep hunger for soothing peace. Every person I encounter resembles my aching and I dig deep with them. To see the hurt and the pain. And wait with them till the light of God’s comfort embraces them whole.

The past few weeks have been tuning in to this rhythm. And I get tuned in so deep and this morning I uncoil from the work and breathe. I spend some time listening to the voice of encouragement. Going back to that one thing that has helped me keep my grace-filled rhythm constant.

Ann Voskamp does that for me. And tuning in to her eucharisteo rhythm which she discovered at the height of her anxiety-filled life brings me into a solace that I would never have known had I not learned the habit of counting gifts.

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