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Creativity Limited

I decided to push myself again for one more writing project before I totally lose my mind in the hustle and bustle of my current work.  Exploring different voices in the circumstances that constrict my creativity and make me lose sight of that potential I can always tap into.

Tell me what you think about creativity and share with me how you find your second wind to stay creative at

creativity limited.creative life in limited space.

Grateful for Peace

I'm trying to uncover an attempt to be able to reflect on the days as they come.  Sometimes I just breeze through it and I end up finding myself too spent at night to even start understanding what I just went through in a day.  I cannot afford to not be aware of the things that are happening.  Whether direct or indirect.  I'm striving for more understanding of the situations that I face so that I can respond more peacefully to them.  
Today, I screened a lot of applicants for graphic design jobs.  I started at 8am and ended at 4pm.  We had quite a rigorous process of screening because we had to find out their capability to execute creative work. It has taken so much time and energy but I pushed for some completion because I didn't want to feel that I wasted my entire day without much outcome.  It's interesting to note that creative positions these days often look like they're not as creative as they seem.  The deadlines that are faced and the need for immediate cr…
Lately, my life has been a series of moments that I've just learned how to accept.  I'm on the verge of really trying to figure out what on earth I am here for.  It's no longer enough that I just "find peace in all the circumstances".  Sometimes I feel like I'm using that as an excuse to hide from the responsibility of having to dig up all the past longings and dreams and putting my heart out there so I can truly say "I lived."
These next few months will be a good hard look at who I am.  At what I want.  At who I want to become.  Watching this movie early this afternoon made me realize that I have not risked enough to chase after my destiny.  

The Little Mystic

I find myself reading about mystics this Sunday.  Always looking through the lives of those who struggled and conquered the world by their immense faith.  This morning I'm moved by the story of little Jacinta Marto.  The young seer from Fatima who has now been recognized as Blessed Jacinta.  I look at some of her photos and wonder about her life.  The heroism she has practiced despite the persecutions she received during her day.  She was fearless and had never relented in holding on to the truth she has received from the Blessed Virgin.  
Looking to these lives for inspiration so that I too can find myself strengthened by their heroic virtue and practice it in my own way brings me a little bit of determination.  Still, I remain anxious because it is not easy to bring the truth into a place that often dismisses it.

Let them ask for peace through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for God has given it to her. Ah, if I could only put into people's hearts the flame that is in my heart…

Caught in Between Decisions

Almost everyday I think about how I can live my life steadfastly anchored to the Faith.  Most of the time I am challenged by circumstances that force me to run counter to the values I try to practice especially in the area of business.  The past 2 years have taught me that leadership decisions are really made from a set of belief systems accumulated through experiences of learning and adapting in environments.  It becomes such a heavy weight to think about especially when you sit at the board room table talking about how to grow and make more money or how to fire someone in the most amicable way possible.  Since it becomes so heavy, you begin to suspend your thoughts from its influence and take on a mindset that adapts to the mindset of those around so that you can find yourself weaving perspectives that you can live with.  Like making excuses for somebody's misbehavior because they're in a bad mood, you find yourself making excuses for some circumstances that no longer make …

Heather King on St. Therese

Been a while since I got myself writing out here and I miss it.  Looks like things have been moving along with Blogger as of late and they've set up this new template that I'm starting to like as well.  It's not that I haven't been writing.  I have.  Just not in "public".  I'm afraid that I do not have anything worthwhile to say as of this point and most of it are just roughly made up thoughts trying to make sense out of everything.  
Well tonight I was watching Heather King's video on YouTube about her new book which I am eagerly anticipating to be available in Amazon.  Despite the fact that I've been really bad at keeping up with my reading habit, I will still get her book and hope that one day I will be granted the gift of time and relish her words so that my poor tired mind can get some wisdom and illumination enough to live everyday with purpose and hope.  
She speaks with great honestly and I love how candid she is with her thoughts about t…