Grateful for Peace

I'm trying to uncover an attempt to be able to reflect on the days as they come.  Sometimes I just breeze through it and I end up finding myself too spent at night to even start understanding what I just went through in a day.  I cannot afford to not be aware of the things that are happening.  Whether direct or indirect.  I'm striving for more understanding of the situations that I face so that I can respond more peacefully to them.  

Today, I screened a lot of applicants for graphic design jobs.  I started at 8am and ended at 4pm.  We had quite a rigorous process of screening because we had to find out their capability to execute creative work. It has taken so much time and energy but I pushed for some completion because I didn't want to feel that I wasted my entire day without much outcome.  It's interesting to note that creative positions these days often look like they're not as creative as they seem.  The deadlines that are faced and the need for immediate creative stimulus to produce creative output is desperate.  How can somebody work at that pace?  

To most, it's probably not the ideal creative set-up but I'm beginning to learn, even from my MBA days that creativity is a matter of perspective and character.  I'm learning to see how different people view creative work and that in itself is a challenge to overcome.

I have been feeling lost a lot lately especially in the area of work but I am still glad that despite the whole mess of it all, there are still moments like these that I can be grateful for peace.


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