Your Prayers

I noticed that I don't really address my readers a lot as I blog.  I suppose I don't want to be so conscious about those who "read up" about my life because I might just end up shying away from public writing altogether.  But today I'm taking the time to acknowledge and admit that those of you who visit me here and read whatever it is I write encourage me to keep believing and to keep the faith.  

I hope that someday I will get to know one or two of you and share more than a silent conversation with you. :)  I hope that your lives are well and are filled with peace.  I hope that this Advent season will bring you true joy.  

Tonight as I write this, I am faced with a lot of difficult struggles.  I struggle greatly with my job.  I struggle with its demands and the personalities involved.  I struggle with its purpose and the mission it no longer infuses in me.  I also struggle with relationships especially with those who are closest to me.  I struggle with keeping patience and understanding needs.  I struggle with often being alienated or "set apart" from a community or a group.  

So I ask for your prayers dear readers.  Please pray for me so that I can continue to write and believe that faith will see me through.  Especially in the coming days.  Please also pray for my Mom who will have an operation this coming Monday.  While her cancer has been controlled and no residuals have been found, she needs to be operated on for incisional hernia.  

Thank you for being around me. 


  1. Dear Kathy,The KING loves you with an EVERLASTING love! I am learning I only want to BE WITH HIM, & go where He wants me to go & love those He calls me to love. God is love & as His people,that is our primary purpose. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Thank you for sharing so honestly. Praying for you today.

    -a fellow INFJ ;)

  3. Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much for your heartwarming words. They give me such a boost this morning as I prepare for work. :)


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