Lately, my life has been a series of moments that I've just learned how to accept.  I'm on the verge of really trying to figure out what on earth I am here for.  It's no longer enough that I just "find peace in all the circumstances".  Sometimes I feel like I'm using that as an excuse to hide from the responsibility of having to dig up all the past longings and dreams and putting my heart out there so I can truly say "I lived."

These next few months will be a good hard look at who I am.  At what I want.  At who I want to become.  Watching this movie early this afternoon made me realize that I have not risked enough to chase after my destiny.  


  1. Looks like a great film! Too bad that it doesn't appear to be playing in the U.S. right now. :/

  2. Yes it is. I was bawling the whole time. :)


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