The Little Mystic

I find myself reading about mystics this Sunday.  Always looking through the lives of those who struggled and conquered the world by their immense faith.  This morning I'm moved by the story of little Jacinta Marto.  The young seer from Fatima who has now been recognized as Blessed Jacinta.  I look at some of her photos and wonder about her life.  The heroism she has practiced despite the persecutions she received during her day.  She was fearless and had never relented in holding on to the truth she has received from the Blessed Virgin.  

Looking to these lives for inspiration so that I too can find myself strengthened by their heroic virtue and practice it in my own way brings me a little bit of determination.  Still, I remain anxious because it is not easy to bring the truth into a place that often dismisses it.

Let them ask for peace through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for God has given it to her. Ah, if I could only put into people's hearts the flame that is in my heart that does not burn me and that is making me love the Hearts of Jesus and Mary so much. [Jacinta Marto]


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