Art and Business

Letting myself unwind for the past couple of hours after an intense dialogue with executives on business strategy and leadership philosophies.  I ran into this video.  Aside from faith, what motivates me is my passion for art or any related artistic experience.  Finding a relationship between deepening my faith and learning about how artistic experiences can help this deepening process has been an ongoing pursuit for me since I graduated from business school.  

I've realized how art can help me become more grounded and reflective in anything I do which translates to almost a prayerful experience.  This helps me understand why faith is needed in pursuing any experience and in understanding the aspects that strengthen faith, I am able to keep up with my perseverance of pursuing any experience. 

An elective I took up in business school called "Self-Mastery and the Arts" has convinced me how important the impact of art is in one's life.  In that study, I also learned how it can be important for character building in leadership roles.  

I like what Professor Schiuma discusses in this video about how management systems in this day and age need to evolve from a mechanism of control to an enabler of adaptability.  It says a lot about character.  The balance between management science and the art of leadership need to stay in utmost equilibrium.  

Where I work, this is not the case.  And introducing a new set of management systems would probably be an overhaul.  But I'm praying for a miracle.  Maybe it can happen.  Maybe oceans can part even in the workplace.

Power of culture - how to inject culture into business strategy from Arts & Business on Vimeo.


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