Heather King on St. Therese

Been a while since I got myself writing out here and I miss it.  Looks like things have been moving along with Blogger as of late and they've set up this new template that I'm starting to like as well.  It's not that I haven't been writing.  I have.  Just not in "public".  I'm afraid that I do not have anything worthwhile to say as of this point and most of it are just roughly made up thoughts trying to make sense out of everything.  

Well tonight I was watching Heather King's video on YouTube about her new book which I am eagerly anticipating to be available in Amazon.  Despite the fact that I've been really bad at keeping up with my reading habit, I will still get her book and hope that one day I will be granted the gift of time and relish her words so that my poor tired mind can get some wisdom and illumination enough to live everyday with purpose and hope.  

She speaks with great honestly and I love how candid she is with her thoughts about the faith.  She puts everything in a very easy to relate to manner that makes it feel "normal" to think about these things in this day and age.  I hunger for these connections and I'm just glad to have made one tonight.


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