A Novel that Hooked Me: Before Ever After

I'm currently reading a novel written by a Filipina who is the first ever Filipina published by Random House.  Samantha Sotto is an online friend.  I met her in Shewrites.com when I was still actively pursuing my writing rhythm early this year.  Unfortunately that has been fluctuating given all the demands of my day job.  But it never stops me from enjoying a good story.

I've been looking for a good read for the longest time.  A story that will just hook me in and give me another world to visit.  I'm just on the 25th page of Samantha's book and it's tantalizing.  Just the right amount of anticipation.  The imagery of Europe is magical through the lyrical descriptions in her words.  I want my Saturday to be filled with enjoying every turning of its pages.

Sam, you inspire me to keep pursuing writing.  Congratulations on this one!

got my copy in national bookstore


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