Surprises by the Sidewalk

I saw this leaf after I dropped by Starbucks this morning today.  It's the first time I've walked on city streets again.  Almost 3 years of working outside the city, this was a welcome treat.  I mused over a lot of the things I had yet to do and organize.  Planning schedules.  Delivery schedules.  Categorizing image types and final artwork activities.  Taking note of time.  Calculating time.  And there's the usual managing reactions of people you work with.  

But, I don't mind.  I'm in a place that definitely feels a lot more liberating than where I was.  I'm using that side of my mind that spent 2 years in business school and yet remained dormant and underutilized for the past 2 years and half.  I'm looking at color almost everyday.  

It's not IDEO.  It's not Google.  It's not the biggest creative company in the world and nor can I say that it's truly creative.  But it is as creative as it can get compared to the stifling environment of administrative senselessness.  

I should be grateful.  And perhaps in this gratitude I will tap into the grace that is in store for one who believes that anything is possible with God.  He put me here.  He'll get me through.


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