Letter to Saint Rita | Getting to Know the Woman with a Big Heart

Dear Saint Rita,

I watched a movie that told the story of your life yesterday and I felt moved by your immense capacity to love.   Your love manifested like God's with different faces.  Your love for your husband who was a difficult man.  You endured the jagged edges of his character and did not give up until his soul was saved.  You preferred that your sons be taken away at such a young age than have them grow up in a society that loomed with so much vendetta.  You loved by letting go.  You loved by embracing people's thorns.  You loved like Christ.

With this love you were enflamed with such an ardent longing to be one with the Savior of the world.  The Incarnate Word who remained faithful to you until the end of your life.  Today I reflect upon the story of your life and long for the same love to overwhelm me and captivate me.  So much of my misery in this world is caused by a lack of love and therefore a lack of understanding that people who lack love really behave so harshly because nobody is there to caress the jagged edges of their heart.  I hope you can be with me as I try to learn how to understand the depth of love and how it can transform me.  I hope you can pray for me so that I can learn how to freely give this love to others who are difficult to love.   I hope I can understand more about your life so that I can walk mine a little bit more gracefully.   

Today I could not go to work because I was bed-ridden most of yesterday.  Fatigued and experiencing a moment of vertigo, I decided to just stay home.  The past week has not been restful.  I'm not sure if this weekend was too.  But watching the movie and getting a glimpse of your life helped me more than anything.  Right now,  I'm dealing with so many work issues that cannot seem to end.  One after another they pile up like a tower about to collapse in one heap.  They say you are the patron of Impossible Cases and I hope that you can help me with the situation at work.  The people who have been pained one decision after another.  The people who remain stuck between interior struggles.  

I look forward to getting to know you a little bit better everyday.



  1. This is so heartwarming and heartfelt!

  2. Hi Rachel, thanks! :) I wish I could develop a more personal relationship with the saints like you.


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