Rediscovered Quotes

A friend of mine posted this quote on to my Facebook Wall last night and it surprised me.
I've also concluded that one must learn simply to be at home with oneself and with God in the presence of others. Sinking into the bench in our van is often as private as it gets, and surprisingly it proves to be enough. Through all of this, I have learned that God is not particularly bothered by small holes of time or space. He is like oxygen: He only needs a small whole in order to fill a room with life. And I've learned that in the midst of an otherwise frantic pace life is full of these little moments, these gaps into which God sneaks His sustenance. The trick is not in planning them, but in discovering them. And when you do, it is enough. -Don Shaffer, Songwriter and Singer, Waterdeep
I didn't recognize where it came from until he told me that it was from one of my Multiply albums posted on October 2007.

This was a long time ago.  Back when I was more in touch with the rhythms of grace.  Back when creativity wasn't limited and I had more room to breathe.   It is a delightful rediscovery.  And I find myself looking through the photographs once again and smiling silently to myself.  

You know how you forget that you had this comfortable pair of jeans once and suddenly it just shows up as you clean your closet?  This feels just like that.

probably 20 pounds lighter


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