Because in Writing I Become

The year 2011 marked such a delicate process and journey in my being able to break such a long writer's block.  I started the blog in late 2010 and managed to keep up with it all throughout 2011.  Writing about many different things and along with it realizing again and again how writing for me has been a form of breathing, believing and becoming.  

I cannot deny that the readers of this blog has helped a great deal in encouraging me to persevere with this craft which has become my anchor and my spirituality.  Writing for me, has become, indeed a form of praying and a way for me to crystallize my thoughts into reality.  

I've decided to be a little bit more serious about this and turn my writing into a commitment to prayer and helping others come to terms with their struggles.  

If you want me to pray for you, please email .  For each prayer request I will post a written prayer here for you in this page and invite others to pray with me.  Together may we rediscover the beauty of praying and believing together.  

For each word I write
and each phrase I weave
I lift up the hearts
who long to believe
again and again and again.


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