Five Minute Friday: The Gift of Wonder

The first week of Advent passes slow.   And though I have not even been able to really get myself to bask in the flicker of Christmas lights, I've found time to smile at the paper angels recycled to decorate our office.  It's a rare moment when I can smile at something related to work.  But today I am grateful for Friday since the weekend beckons rest.

I found myself thinking about the concerns that bogged me down for this past week.  They were nagging at me until it silenced to the prayer I spoke this morning.  Help me Jesus.  I said.  For those thoughts that plague are often thoughts that do not bow down to His name.  

His Name to whom all names bow. 

I was reminded again that when I become too focused on my own concerns I will always get tangled up in a knot of anxiety.  But to focus on Him will always open up breathing moments of peace. 

I am praying for the gift of wonder this Advent season.  That I may rediscover the beauty of Christmas again like a child eagerly awaiting gifts on the tree.  


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