Moments of the Year's Last Day (i)

It plays on the background. The interview for Ann Voskamp's book over at {In} Courage. I love the chatter of their thoughts going over what she has written about life and sorrow and the grace in the middle of it all.  Listening to these moments shared by women give me the courage to listen to myself this morning.

I'm back in the city and today is the last day of 2012.  It's a cloudy morning and I just spent the past 2 hours talking to my bestfriend Adi.  I've missed our conversations (and our letters which we wrote in heaps of email strings back in the day).  But it's always great to catch up and I'm glad I have time to do that today.  I'm thinking that one of the first resolutions I'd make is to really make time. 

I've been troubled by so many things this year and felt that I've lost so many things because I didn't have the time.  I didn't have a lot of time to read and discover.  I didn't have a lot of time to converse and connect.  I didn't have a lot of time to write and recognize that I'm going through a grace-filled journey if I just opened my eyes to it.

I've written #303 things on my eucharisteo list.  Catching up on the moments I lost since I made the most significant decision of the year on the 17th of this month. I pretty much just let things flow after that and things haven't quite settled in.  But prayer and seeking have been constant.  The desire for silence and meaningful conversation has been pursuing my days. 


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