Nothing is Impossible

I went to mass this morning to celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin.  After all the things that I've went through this week, going to church on an early Saturday morning was a much needed breathing room. 

Today's gospel broke through the walls I've had to put up just to survive the rigor of the work place.  It was loud and clear that I felt awakened from a catatonic state. 

Nothing is impossible for God.

The monsignor spoke a very beautiful homily that drove the point home and I remember his every word because it brought hope back into me. 

Nothing is impossible for God.  Even your happiness. 

I struggle with the word happiness.  It's relative for everyone.  Some say that happiness is a choice.  Some say that happiness comes and goes.  Some say happiness no longer exists and we just have to be content with what we have.  

There are so many definitions and perceptions that I no longer know what to really believe when it comes to happiness.  But the monsignor must have known this for him to say that even our happiness is not impossible for God.  He said it at the very end.  Almost like an after-thought.  Slightly whispered.  But an assurance nonetheless.  

It is such a comfort to hear this words said to you.  For we live in such a dog-eat-dog world that honest to goodness happiness is not even something that seems worth thinking about anymore.  Happiness becomes attached to so many things like success, stability, progress and achievement.  Happiness is turned bland by having to just "deal with it" or "live it out" or "accept things as they are".  Happiness is no longer that pure and truthful moment that makes our hearts warm with gladness and our moments filled with joy. 

No wonder the monsignor had to say that.  For happiness today is almost impossible to conceive.  But for God it isn't.  And I'm really glad to be reminded of that.


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