It’s grace when you meet with a person who hurt you and instead of groveling about it you choose to give of yourself.  It’s grace when you haven’t spoken to someone for so very long and the courage opens up the door for a short but meaningful conversation.  It’s grace when you share what you have to those who have not. 
Grace came for me this week and gave me the opportunity to love in situations where it was difficult to love.  Jesus revealing Himself as Grace moving my heart because He moves mine. Living becomes my response to His life in me.  Here I am learning to live again this advent.  
I take days slowly at a time.  This week I’ve been unable to really do any writing because I have been mesmerized by the unfolding of a new hobby.  Crocheting has taken my time and I’ve fallen in love making little flowers that I plan to stitch together and make a scarf.  I’m lulled by the rhythmic looping of thread and yarn that almost allows me to fall into a chant praying one thing really. 
That you may restore and mend broken ties God.  That you may restore and mend broken ties God. 
This week I’ve been holding on to Romans 5:8-9.  It’s breathed in me a new life.  It’s illumined the dark places where I’ve felt robbed off life and love.  And slowly I’m beginning to realize how God can make things new.  Perhaps the circumstances do not change.  But what He is making new begins in my heart. 
It moves slow.  I am not able to receive His love in an instant.  There is a wrestling from within where the doubts and painful memories struggle at the door and who should first enter in.  But I cling to His words because He promised to be faithful.  I cling to His heart because He has spilt His love.  I cling to His mercy because He has already paid for my salvation.  And this morning in the quiet of dusk, He fills me again with a presence so quiet but endearing that when I lift my hands to praise Him tears roll down my face. 
I wanted to ask Him questions but His love silenced me.  I wanted to know what was going to happen next and what other things I need to do so secure for me a plan that I can be confident in.  But He just kept on holding me and asking me to gaze at Him.  
There is only one thing I want you to be sure of right now.  And that is My love.  When you are able to receive this completely you will be able to live your life more secure. 
I sat there in the quiet and let myself be still to His words.  Wrapped in an embrace of wings.


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