Convergence: Understanding Differences and Creativity

I captured these series of screen shots this morning while in a nightmorn conversation cross-continental. London, 12mn. Manila, 8am.

I used to take a lot of these screenshots when Adi moved to London 2 years ago. Similar to screenshots I took when Toni studied in Vienna for student exchange during our MBA year. Parallelism, I surmise is God's way of driving home a point. He says, I am bigger than the proximity of your relationships. Even those you hold dear to your heart.

It was quite an intense conversation this morning similar to last Sunday's. A discovery on the meaning of ceramics and its creative processes sends us to a rush of illuminated insights about our purpose and our art.

adrienne: it was good annie talked to me cos in the morning before school, i was telling her about how i'm quite torn between fine art and 3d like i'm not the "design" vibe of 3D but i also dont want to just paint the rest of my education and i asked her if it was possible for me to do fine art next year and she said yes so she's giving me specific direction more "conceptual". she talked for like 7 mins and suddenly i understood everything the notion of VESSELS and how they can represent so much

me: really???

adrienne: it was like i learned a new language

me: like how??

adrienne: kase i had some objects and was drawing from them they were seashells and she sat down, and said like so these objects, conceptually, sculpturally, we look at them and pay attention to the emotion they trigger or any kind of human experience because it's inanimate, it's very significant that it triggers human emotion and she was flipping the shell over and saying, if i lay it like this with the hollow face down it's hollow, but we don't see it's hollow, but your mind knows it's hollow and your mind starts to imagine that hollow same goes for other objects like tubes hang on, are you on skype? i'll show you pics

me: okay :)

adrienne: this is like a fossil that's grown on a stone close up so she was pointing to these like holes and saying, we know theyre holes but we cant see where they lead to it's almost secret she said secret a lot of times and it's like, thats where the concept comes in and thats where the chance for emotion comes in when we can't completely see but we believe it's something



This dialogue wakes me up from grogginess and opens the floodgates of creative impulses all over my body. I rushed to open the wealth of information I found on social entrepreneurship and explained to her what I realized about myself and where I wanted to explore creating. We sat there resonating with our ideas that seemed to come from opposite ends of a road and find that we are slowly converging in the middle.

Convergence. I am almost often overwhelmed by awe when I experience or witness a moment of two distinct thoughts, people or characters come to a fusion within in circumstance. That aspect of peace which people often begin to dismiss after the moment of reconciliation ends is that aspect of convergence that I find myself constantly thinking about.

How do two different types of people suddenly get along? How does one embrace a completely opposite thought and find similarities within? How does a melody so dissonant to the ears find harmony in a composition? I am fascinated by all these differences and how they are able to find places of unity. Of convergence. It's not enough to just be able to sit with them comfortably or see the "beauty in the mess" as I would always tell myself. But from the differences in their polarities is born something new.

Isn't that creation? It is funny that to understand something so simple, I have to be able to break it apart and find that this simple thing called creativity is both simple and complex at the same time. A paradox. A mystery. One that is understood by a mind shaped by faith or the practice of art. As Joyce Carol Oates would say, "I believe that art is the highest expression of the human spirit."

Nightmorn conversations existing in cross-continental time has given me this understanding which I am hoping would go down to a more heartfelt understanding instead of one that just lingers in my mind.

Series of screenshots again showing the movement of our conversations and how ideas are formed and shared by two people who are worlds apart, doing completely different things, and 13 years away from each other can find convergence.

talking about the word organic and how clay is an organic substance she is learning to use as a new art medium and finding parallelism with how social entrepreneurs need to find "organic" solutions to social issues so that the solution is sustainable.

talking about what social entrepreneurs are and the parallelism of artistic mindsets

talking about how the process of pottery or ceramics involves a lot of incarnating meaning into the work

finally reaching the end of the conversation and saying goodbye. side-comment: internet life is a convergence of lives. obviously as seen from this screenshot i was answering an email for work.

Now the pregnant pause comes at 1:15pm Manila time. Like a big fat release of clutter made consciousness. Finally understanding all the tension that comes with birthing the purpose of a new dream.


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