Idea Dumps

Spent another 3 hours discussing the possible roll out of the art foundation. There seems to be a different tone in the discussion now compared to how it was 2 years ago. It feels a little bit more real. The inputs given are more well thought of compared to the burst of creative impulses and pent up yearnings.

So I have spent almost an hour reading through Artist of Humanity's program page and am already getting quite a lot of information on how to set up the foundation I want here in my own country. It's almost just like knowledge transfer except I do not have much experience in implementing anything large scale such as this. What has gotten into me and why do I really think that this is a good idea?

It's no different from what I'm doing now. Huddled with young people around the round table at our backyard. Spilling our guts about what we want to do with our lives and the passions we want to pursue. I fund most of these huddles. Nothing fancy. Pizza. McDonald's. The occasional beer night cap. Art supplies. When I have extra money I buy a new gadget to share or two. But the huddles have gotten stale. They've gone boring and like what any young person would do when bored, they leave.

It's not easy to get young people consistently hooked on to an idea. So I figured I'd just have to really work on it myself and see who wants to work on it with me.

This morning Adi has helped me set up the forums for our Idea Dump Page and we're just listing down everything we can set our eyes on as possible resources in making the ideas happen. But my entrepreneurial brain needs to work a bit faster and scan the horizon for the information I need to set this idea up for success.

I need a benefactor.


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