Note Taking and Following Through

I don't know where to begin. I feel that a mighty refreshing rain has just poured upon this creative dry spell. I managed to take note of the things I wanted to write about yesterday but didn't really get around to doing much writing since I got preoccupied with more work issues yesterday until last night.

Significant things have happened yesterday that tell me all is not lost. Little breadcrumbs that show me the way back to myself.

Meeting Adi Alsaid on Tumblr was a breath of fresh air. A debut novel is upcoming and his blog talks about his journey to its fruition. I have read a couple of his posts from his archive and I like his writing voice. Very enunciate. Very lyrical. He talks about sculpting words and I can resonate with that thought because it is the very same thing I feel when I write and capture my thoughts to bring to life. From his blog was a link to Bookblogs and thought it would be added exposure and a great opportunity to learn from budding writers. I ended up creating an account which I hope I'll be maintaining a little bit more consistently. I joined a social network before but never ended up participating a lot because I got busy. I met SJ Rainne who understood what I felt and encouraged me by saying she was willing to help me.

And I thought that was enough to make my heart explode until this morning when I got this email about SNS Challenger, a photography project by Gary Mcleod a PhD student in London College of Communications who needs help re-creating snapshots of 19th century photographs taken by HMS Challenger's voyage around the world. The snapshots taken in Manila are from the Manila Cathedral and Intramuros area while the photos taken from Cebu are from beach fronts and Magellan's Shrine. Places that are easy to find. And so I am quite excited about volunteering to help in this project and partake in a creative endeavor to balance the monotony of my corporate life.

The day is finally ending and this blog has been about 4 hours in the making. Interrupted by series of meetings and work issues as always. This time I was a bit determined to unearth a blog post because of encouragement from Adi, Rachel, Reni and Fr. Mabura

On that note I have to remind myself of the things I need to write about. One of which is my recent realization about the differences in the London and Manila art scene. More on this hopefully in my next post.


  1. I actually just featured Adi in an Author Interview. Great guy!

  2. Hi Kate! I saw your status on Book Blogs. Will be reading your interview in a bit. :) Thank you for following me.

  3. Kathy,

    I'm glad I had a positive impact on your creativity and that I was able to inspire you. Good luck with your writing endeavors. :)


  4. Thank you Adi. Looking forward to more of your writing. :)


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