The iPhone and my Creative Life

christmas gift from an officemate
Yesterday's visit to the hills of Tagaytay was lovely except for one minor thing.  I lost my phone. Yes, I lost my phone somewhere between the visit to Pink Sisters, a stop over in 7-11 to get 5 bags of Cheetos and driving off to visit Sonya's garden to admire the flowers.  I don't even remember what happened.  But to my mind, the phone was just in the car waiting for me to attach it to the auxiliary cable so I can play music on the way.  

But I lost it.  And I love my phone.  And I had to let go of some of my savings last night just to replace it because the phone has helped me keep in touch with my writer/creative self.  It takes the little snapshots I sometimes post here but most of the time in my Tumblr page because I just like chronicling my day with images when I don't have words.  It allows me to check updates of my friends' lives in Facebook.  It keeps me in touch with my bestfriend in Singapore and in London.

Whoever took it, I hope they see the kind of life I lived and I hope they find a life that is more meaningful to them instead of taking other people's phones.

I lost my snapshots of yesterday.  I feel bad because I was able to take a really good shot of Pink Sisters while the sun was behind it.  So now, I'm just making up for whatever photo I didn't take by trying to open my eyes wider and seeing what I should smile about here in the work place.

One more day to go and vacation is here.


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