Ticking Time and Thoughts While Waiting

I'm enjoying Heather King's latest posts today.  It's gotten me to an introspective rhythm despite this morning's firefighting issues over distressed employees and their motivation.  She writes to passionately about her views on life and her faith.  She writes courageously without a tinge of arrogance.  She writes honestly unashamed of the rough edges that need smoothening of her own person.  

I like it when people admit that they have rough edges.  Sometimes we ignore the realities of the situation and just act all smoothened up and together.  It does not help those who find themselves struggling and can't keep their heart inside their chest.  I think this amount of pure honesty is healthy.  It forces me to look at the truth about human nature and see it's misery in the eyes of God.  Surely, misery of that intensity does not go unnoticed.

In a few minutes, I will be stepping out of the office and drive towards the hills of Tagaytay.  It's almost like a much awaited escape.  Finally a breather.  The sun is out but I am hopeful that the breeze blowing from the lake will cool the air.  

For now, I have to bear with the sleepers and their restful journey in dreamland before I wake them up.


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