Toffee Nut Latte Joys

I managed to make a quick stop at Starbucks and have my favorite Toffee Nut Latte.  It's the first cup I've had this Christmas season.  I used to have more but I haven't found the time.  Actually, the only reason why I suddenly decided to stop for coffee is because I do not have change to spare and pay 7 pesos ($0.15) for the toll fee to exit the highway and enter Southwoods.  Yes, I'm lame.  I forget to get some change from my piggy bank this morning.  But, I think it's a perfect excuse.  

There are two Starbucks Cafe's that I usually pass by on the way to work driving down SLEX.  One is in Shell Gas Station and the other is just a few kilometer or 2 away in Petron Gas Station.  I usually drive up to Petron because it is bigger and nearer my exit.  But this morning, I decided to drive by Shell because last time I had wanted to get me a cup of coffee, the traffic in the Petron branch was horrible.

Fortunately enough, Shell's Starbucks had more car room and I happily parked right infront of the door.  What a treat, I thought to myself.  Perfect morning weather and a cup of toffee nut latte.  I'd say it's perfect because I'm looking forward to spending the rest of this day a little bit lazy like this.  I have about 4 hours to kill at the office before me and my team head out to Tagaytay.  The cool weather is beckoning and I'm trying to get my mind de-cluttering so I'll enjoy every moment of it.

I'm finally getting the words rolling and I'm happy.  

inside starbucks shell

my toffee nut latte


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