Unsung Heroes

Right now, there isn't much to say.  Today was long and the time passed very slowly.  My mind was wrapped around a tight knot and the migraines pulsated like it was never going to end.  I don't know what to say because there's just too much to say and I'm trying to figure myself out.  

So here I am despite the difficulties for the past few days.  The constant and fluctuating directions which keeps me on my toes.  The emotions of a worn out soldier having just finished the day's battle.  Looking forward to the solace of a bed.

I'm talking cryptic and I usually do that when I do not know what to say about something I want to talk about.  

Life is hard.  Leaders make the toughest decisions.  And we endure moments that leave us as unsung heroes.

I walked around the parking lot towards the end of the day and told myself, "I have to find it in me to be grateful about some moments.  I have to."


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