Work Day Specifics

This day has been spent trying to get my team to communicate a little bit more. Since I have been getting into this whole writing rhythm, I thought I'd share the experience at work.  That way I can integrate my life and they learn how to be a little bit more reflective with theirs. 

Reflection and introspection are not normal to a lot of people where I work.  Most of the time the immediate reaction is an impulsive banter or an icy retort.  When you ask them to write something down I sense a little bit of queasiness as if you were forcing them into a straightjacket.

I wonder a lot about the quirky little strategies I try to implement in my division.  Sometimes I think I'm going for something totally unorthodox such as requiring all of them to update their Google Calendars everyday as a productivity report instead of a lengthy email.  It is also my way of being able to tell where they are at a given moment if they accurately update their schedules online.  

I enjoy thinking of these different ways of working.  It makes me breathe a little bit easier than usual.  Having studied in a business school for 2 years I know how methodical things can be when it comes to analyzing business management.  Yet, I've often encountered that the most methodical things aren't always the best solution for a particular situation.  Most of the breakthroughs are encountered through a crooked path or an unforeseen challenge.

I don't know if they entirely agree with me but I know that if nobody was bold enough to try and dare to do something different from how its been done before, I will never if we can move one step further to reach where we want to go.  So even if I look like a fool requiring all of them to log into their Google Accounts and make the most out of what this platform can do for us, I'm sticking by it.


  1. have you ever looked at it in a cultural way? are we really filipinos (i'm assuming that they all are - i could be wrong) really trained to be introspective? also as humans, no one really wants to look at things they aren't doing so well. however, whether it's cultural or a choice - are two different things. i do staff evaluations three times/year - all of those, there's always an attached self-reflection questions - not just about their goals for the year - but mostly, what they learned about themselves as a person and what they'd like to change. i'm glad you're doing things outside of the box. sometimes, it takes one person to change someone else's thinking. be patient. you are lucky to have the ability to stop, think and feel. others aren't.

  2. Yes, I am trying to see this in with a cultural bent as well. You're right which means I need more than just my creative quotient going on here. I need a creative army who thinks in the same wavelength. I'm trying to build one but it's not easy. HAHA. People here look at me strangely. But yes, I suppose I'll try to be a little bit more patient.


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