Random Thought Captures

Oh I would say I had a pretty good start to the New Year.  Yes, I think I did.  And there was only one thing that I kept repeating to myself inside my head, my heart and my prayers.  

Slow down.

I'd wake up before the sun rises and the first thought that straddles inside my mind before consciousness fully hits me.  Slow down.  

It was a fervent prayer said in the middle of musings at midnight.  It was a painful longing whispered amidst the sweeping circumstances that cluttered my time.  I asked God to help me slow down.  And I think He is.  I think He is.  

Email inboxes have been cleaned and categorized.  A renewed focus at work.  Perhaps even a heightened sense of patience for the imperfections.  It is still an ever continuing struggle.  But that phrase, "slow down" keeps reverberating relentlessly.  

I barely had time to do "my thing" this week.  And I let myself just be swept away with work because it is quite an ordeal to always resist it.  Found myself a rhythm and a new appreciation for numbers.  

It's funny, this grace.  And the distilled calm resting quietly tonight.  I am not fazed at the absence of coherent thought.  Satisfied with simply sharing images I treasure of memories lingering in my mind.

Memorable moments from Christmas Season

my favorite picture of mom and dad taken in Taal Vista

after a series of shots that my sister had requested, i finally found one i'm happy with

i found my nephew hiding out this spot because he said nobody wanted to play with him, poor boy :(

quiet spaces in my grandmother's house, her absence is much felt a bitter sweet melancholy

my dear niece maia shows her inclinations for the camera

aaron benedict's smile is a winner


  1. Such a wonderful shared humanity you've captured in these photos of family members from different generations.

  2. That's a great reminder, Kathy... to slow down. It's something I think about quite a bit, but when I'm in the middle of things or in the middle of thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done, I forget. Yes, the New Year is a great way to start revisiting the decision to not rush. I think it will be one path to peace in my heart.


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