Visio Divina: The Transfiguration by Theophanes

It's something new I discovered today.  This meditative practice called vision divina taken from ancient spiritual reading practice called lectio divina.  Visio divina happens to be the same form of meditation except you meditate on images instead of text.  I'm reading Henri Nouwen tonight and I found it interesting that one of his spiritual exercise tell me
Through the gate of the visible we behold the mystery of the invisible.  Prayerful gazing at the image offers us a chance to "see" more clearly into the true nature of things.  As you contemplate the image, try to see its luminous splendor, feel its majesty, enjoy its texture of colors, study its forms and symmetry, ponder the communion of Jesus, Moses and Elijah, and try to empathize with the reactions of the 3 disciples.  Then enter into the mystery of the transformation that takes place in the presence of JEsus on the mountain of prayer.  There, high on the mountain, the familiar face of our teacher is revealed in new light.  For those who gaze on the beauty of the Lord, what is opaque becomes transparent; nature, time, and people are transformed; and we ourselves are transfigured.
Today didn't quite flow as I wanted it to go.  Early this morning I was confronted by an employee complaint, unfinished reports, non-responsive interactions.  The residue of all these circumstances are just filled with negativity.  I wanted to disappear.  But I stayed on and tried to resolve some of them.

Tonight I transfix my gaze upon the transfigured Christ and meditate on the kind of wonder the disciples must have felt to have witnessed this at their midst.

Transfiguration by Theophanes


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