Miracles, Meetings and Restless Interiors

Not another template design.  Restlessness is a sign of a noisy interior.  I am restless today.  I spent so much time looking through a report I will be presenting tomorrow during a 6 hour meeting.  My fingers almost feel numb with all the typing and wrist movement.  But I am grateful for this few moments of breathing space.  With whatever words I can unearth just to de-clutter.  

There is actually a rhythm I am learning to appreciate.  My work load is piling up but there seems to be something significant even in the small outcomes.  I realize that people issues are so prevalent and people need help in most of their interactions just so their work life becomes more meaningful and achieve a semblance of peace.  Peace is so scarce in the work place.  I am saddened by it.  I wish most of the technicalities can just be done away with so I can focus more on helping the environment unearth the peace that is mostly hungered by those who toil away infront of their computers like slaves.

I'm waiting for friends to arrive tonight so that we can share the Word.  It's our Wednesday meal aside from corn beef cooking for dinner.  But I look forward to these times because it is a time to breathe.  And after 3 attempts at writing this blog I finally build it up to 3 paragraphs.  Telling myself to quit censoring what I want to say because it feels uninteresting to the world breaks the writer's block for the moment.

Two more days counting to the weekend.  This Saturday will be eventful.  I'm looking forward to ministry meetings and all the progress we've planned out.  Interesting chat with former youth ministry heads yesterday has been inspirational.  It reminds me why I have chosen to stick it out and help restore the youth apostolate of my church.  

Here I am waiting for miracles.  


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