Today I told myself I'm going to slow down but I couldn't.  From one people issue to another I found myself bridging gaps again.  Explaining feelings.  Accepting emotions.  The works.  I have to find it in myself to be able to absorb all these emotional intensity and not be buried 10 feet under.

So now I am trying to unwind by reading some of Jack Kerouac's words.

We live in a world we see, but we only believe in the world we do not see.  Who has believed in the world and died with tis name on his lips?  Who has said, at death "I believe in the future of this baubel, that triviality, this irrelevance--it will live forever!"  Who has died not thinking of the first and last things, the Alpha and the Omega of life on earth?

I never thought Kerouac to be spiritual and it's a delightful surprise.


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