Work Dilemma Blues

One of the dilemmas at work right now is to understand why micromanaging bosses are micromanaging.  I literally spent the whole day gazing at my wall just trying to wonder what goes on in a micromanaging mind.  It's insane.  

My graceful rhythm seems to have dropped by an inch because of the food poisoning last weekend.  Not to mention a marathon on Life Unexpected has given me something to think about when it comes to life issues and what not.  

I fumble with my holy beads in the car barely thinking straight because my mind is racing almost a thousand miles a minute trying to tick off an imaginary task list hoping the pile of work issues would go away one by one.   But no.  It doesn't go away.  It stays there and it sort of grows bigger and bigger everytime you stare at it.  It's like everytime you try to understand the issue, there is another issue the grows out of nowhere and is actually linked to the issue you are presently staring it.  The cycle just goes on.  

I wish I could stay graceful the whole day but I'm beginning to understand that life has a peculiar rhythm that I need to start getting used to especially when I'm allowing myself to be so involved at work like this.  I never gave that much concern for so many work issues all at the same time.  Maybe I'm growing up.  But then again, I'm glad that I can still detach my feelings from work when I want to.  I don't want to be that absorbed in it.  Nor in anything for that matter.

Right now, striking a balance between all aspects of my life needs delicate precision.  Being absorbed in just one part of it does not help me any.  

God personally looks after me, after us, after all mankind  I am not abandoned, adrift in the universe and in a society which leaves me ever more lost and bewildered. (Pope Benedict XVI) 
I will look after and tend my sheep. (Ezekiel 34:11) 

The Sacred Family
by Pompeo Batoni


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