The Gratitude Rundown

The weekend has ended and I'm about to enter into another week that looks quite hectic and loaded with things that I am not entirely so excited about.  But I have chosen to learn how to be grateful for everything and I will start that by saying thank you.  

Thank you for a fruitful ministry during our praise and worship practices.

youth praise practice 03.26.11

Thank you for a new handy gadget that is entertaining me right now. (Yes secondary phones are necessary especially where I work.)

samsung galaxy mini, the nokia e63 has conked out

Thank you for conversations with Mom and Dad which don't really happen as often as I would have wanted but thank you anyway.

not a recent picture but one of my favorites

Thank you for a renewed faith in community and rejuvenated relationships with friends

taken last weekend 03.20.11 after the retreat

Thank you for getting the chance to eat another DQ sandwich yesterday.

one of my favorite desserts

And for those other moments I am grateful for--that can no longer be taken in snapshots, like comforting words from friends, wonderful illuminating books, rich discussions that happen online and offline--I should bring them to surface a little bit more often.  Most of the time I forget and wallow in some darkness that's unrelenting.

So I end the weekend postings with Matt Maher's lyrics.  His song broke through my darkness this week and I'm lifted up by it's melody.

You called and you shouted
broke through my deafness
now I'm breathing in, breathing out
I'm alive again


  1. Your ice cream sandwich looks yummy. ;) Isn't gratitude powerful? It must please our Father's heart so much simply to hear His children say, "Thank You."

  2. It is so yummy! Haha. I haven't had one in a while. And yes, gratitude is powerful. I'm still learning more about how to live it in my daily life since I realized that I am not grateful everyday. :)


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