Gratitude on Paper and Sky

I love this picture.  For some reason this is the only picture that I think I was really happy after I took it with my phone.  I love the colors and the pieces of paper that have gratitude written on them.  I took this at Walkway 2011.  It's a modern day Stations of the Cross set up by a non-denominational church.  I like how they made everything easier to relate to.  Closer to home.  If it weren't so much for the summer heat, I'd probably linger a little bit longer.  But I'm glad I went there today with some of the Youth friends.

I have to admit that I've been really off since I came back from the Encounter Weekend.  I'm a little bit troubled by the frenzy that has kicked in which sometimes I feel masks as spiritual high amongst the young people.  I suppose it's always the youth minister's dilemma to remain prudent with discipline and to make sure they stay in truth's path.  It's not easy.  The past few days have been challenging because I battle with the point of views that resist the truth I try to bring to them squarely in the face.  I battle with those who lukewarmly accept it.  I battle with my own yearning for authenticity.  

It's a great longing.  This need to be authentic.  This need to remain true to what I say and believe.  Even if I just whisper the Creed to myself.  

But it's not easy.  You're met with slight mockery and defiance.  

I try to remain grateful at the end of the day and I can only muster a half-hearted tune which I am now happy to say that I've managed to cull out a song from.  It's still a work in progress but I'll probably share it here some time soon.  For now I'm happy with looking at gratitude written on paper against the sky.


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