Wading in Thoughts

I'm wading in a lot of thoughts this morning.  Coming back from Easter break I find myself hobbling towards a less motivated perspective about work in the office.  Having been surrounded by so many meaningful pursuits in ministry, I'm feeling less engaged to move forward the clutter that continues to slowly accumulate at in the office.  I was reading an article from Harvard Business Press yesterday and it said,

The Power of Progress
Two other types of inner work life triggers also occur frequently on best days:  Catalysts, actions that directly support work, including help from a person or group, and nourishers, events such as shows of respect and words of encouragement.  Each has an opposite: Inhibitors, actions that fail to support or actively hinder work, and toxins, discouraging or undermining events.  Whereas catalysts and inhibitors are directed at the project, nourishers and toxins are directed at the person.  Like setbacks, inhibitors and toxins are rare on days of great inner work life.

This is the progress principle made visible:  If a person is motivated and happy at the end of the workday, it's a good bet that he or she made some progress.  If the person drags out of the office disengaged and joyless, a setback is most likely to blame

(Harvard Business Review May 2011, The Power of Small Wins by Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer)

I suppose this principle doesn't only apply to my career but to any aspect of my life as well.  I find myself easily affected by discouragement when catalysts and nourishers aren't present in anything I do, anybody I interact, in any relationship I belong.  

My spiritual life helps me keep my eyes set on that one big intrinsic motivation residing on God.  It is not easy and it probably never will.  But I have been trying to keep my heart always disposed to the will of the Father because I know with Him, I will not go astray.  Still the emotions that setbacks bring is not that easy to get over and my tendency to look for fulfillment elsewhere begins.  

I hope I can find a bit of steadfastness in myself when I experience setback situations in my life.  I also hope that people around me can give me a bit of a break when it comes to their expectations of how I can put up with almost "anything".  For this Saturday, I take it slow and focus on only every minute that's ahead of me.  


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