When You Let Go of Your Truth, You Will Know Mine

on afternoon like this one
A journal repost from April 5, 2005.

I remember reading this in a new age book several years ago.  I used to be into new age thinking.  It was liberating for a while.  But I realized that there is nothing more liberating that rooting all beliefs in Christ.  But tonight I happen to remember this line because...simply because it's true.

I was at mass today.  Not feeling too well.  Tired from everything that's going on inside me.  I couldn't pay real attention even if I tried.  So I didn't try.  I just came as I am.  Spent.  Weary. 

And it happened...

This Cebuano priest started his homily.  He usually doesn't take my attention because I have a hard time understanding him (no offense, I'm Cebuano myself).  But for some reason he started off with..."We all run away from something..."  And I straightened my back and looked at the pulpit and listened.

We all run away from something.  From confrontation.  From solitude.  From hate.  From love.  We all run away from God.  From Ourselves.  From people we love.  We think we can hide behind the locked doors of our hearts and let emotions cloud our thinking.  For a while.  Until God comes and appears before you and says, "Peace be with You."

Despite your running away...my running away...He still says...PEACE BE WITH YOU. 
And indeed He gave me peace to write this poem tonight.  I think he knows that peace for me comes when I'm able to immerse in something He's gifted me with.

Like the cross I take you up

And carry you to my Calvary
So you will be saved
So you will know the truth
That all I did was love
The way I knew
Like my own Savior did
Without restraint
But with a brave silence
Amidst the beating
Of his soul
And the stinging thorns
He took it in

I never took anything
Sitting down
I've always struggled
And fought for
My own expression
To rule out any other

But now I am taught
To be like Him
To live like Him
To love like Him

And like His own crucifixion
I crucify myself to 
My own cross
The least I can do…

To show that being loved
By Him…

Makes a difference.

Steady my Heart GOD so it can beat only for You.


  1. "We all run away from something."

    WOW. This simple statement hit me with the force of its truth. I agree.


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