Writing Some More

It's taken a while for me to unearth what's really been going on in my mind these past few days.  So I have taken a vacation leave from work for the next few days because so many things need to be sorted out alongside the fact that I need to prepare for the encounter weekend that's upcoming.  

Finally, I get my piece of silence.  And for most of the morning I've been pondering upon the prayers that I experienced during last night's worship after youth praise practice.  The journey to the encounter weekend has been such an eye-opener.  Restoring for me the old truths that I anchored myself on during times of crisis and difficulty.  Allowing me to realize again that when the Spirit moves in the hungry hearts of the faithful, minds are enlightened and unified once again.

It's funny.  Sometimes I wish my work place understood the movements of the Spirit so that pressures and politics will be easier to handle.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't get to know about living a Spirit-filled life.  How would I be handling everything I am going through right now?  

I'm grateful that God is moving and transforming my mind again.  I hope He transforms it enough so that I can see that my work in the work place can be as meaningful as my work in church.  

The writing rhythm has slowed down.  Pondering thoughts have been more frequent.  Private scribbles in my journal come out every now and then.  But my eyes, my eyes seem to have been opened by this constant pursuit for a more focused thought life.  

And I'll keep writing some more.


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