Decisions and Work Load

Today has been quite an ordeal.  I found myself a little bit stuck on thinking about decision making processes and how I can bring home the idea that for implementation plans to consistently be rolled out, the decision making processes need to be consistent as well.   It is not always the case in a fast paced growing organization as the one I work in.  And a few meetings here and there today tell me that it will not be as easy to change this system.

A part of me is demotivated.  A part of me is hungry to make things happen.  I find myself wide awake at 12:04am still thinking about organizing the things in my mind and all the things listed down in our recent task management tool.  I find myself thinking about other thoughts blowing up in a bubble somewhere in my head.  Like my the prayer meeting I will lead on Friday and the concert committee meeting on Thursday night.  Like the book I'm currently reading on Design Thinking and the Diaries of Ettie Hillesum.  The productivity of my staff and how to build their capability.  The expectations of everybody in the organization.  Expectations of my family.  

What helps me breathe tonight is writing.  Writing everything out in this space and the eventual hope that maybe someone out there who reads this can pray for me. 


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