Getting Through the Morning

It's a little bit hard to start the writing rhythm when the mind is filled with concerns at work.  I find myself being able to think and hear myself think during the mornings just when I am about to leave.  It's a 40 minute drive from my house to the office and most of the time I pick up my holy beads and contemplate on the mysteries that make up this faith.  I talk to an angel or two and eventually hear the voice of God whisper through my imagination.  

The imagination, I heard as of late, comes in the forms: the sensory imagination, the creative imagination and the divine imagination.  Peter Kreeft talks about it better here.  

The rainy days have passed and the sun now shines bright against my neighbors windows.  She's put this funny wind vane out on her trellis.  I wonder why.  

I think about my day today and how it's filled with so much "hurrying to get it over with" and I pray for a time when meaningful work will come to me and so I'll be able to say "I'm happy that I did it." 


  1. I wish you Godspeed in finding a slower, more meaningful rhythm...


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