Invoking the Virtue of Patience

Sifting through task lists took my entire day.  Sorting out what needs to be done and followed through.  I can't believe that it takes that much time to sort everything out and I can't believe that I know very little of the details going on.  Part of me feels frustrated.  Part me of me feels sad.  It's hard to just point out one reason why my team is not able to measure up to the pace they are expected to be in.  But, right now I think I'm almost exhausted making up excuses why they can't.  I just needed to take them by the hand and push them to do it.  

Reactive.  Most of the regret is really in the end and I don't know what impact they feel about this.  I don't know if they feel the urgency if and they want to rise above what they think are their personal limits and just unleash excellence.  

Is it really that hard to unleash?  I pray for the grace to withstand this crucible and the patience to see everything through God's eyes.


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