The Leadership Philosophy Challenge

A four hour meeting on strategy.  What to say about that.  I look at the sky which has turned gray in just a matter of 30 minutes.  Somehow I am glad that after the meeting the weather has turned from a sunny morning to a rainy midday.   

It's a pressing concern.  They say.  A pressing concern to improve and reach goals that make you feel fulfilled and accomplished.  And moreso, earn money.  How can an organization venture into reaching these goals and remain fulfilled while they're at it?  I learned a lot about leadership in this past 2 years of working where I am.  And they're right.  Leadership is influence.  It is influence because a big portion of what goes on in conversations behind closed doors are debacles about mindset and values and beliefs.  Decisions are made because of certain premises.  And those premises can be relevant to you or not.  

It's difficult to carry out something when a philosophy of leadership is not commonly engaged in.  I realize how difficult it is to battle with mindsets.  It's more difficult than case room discussions during business school.  In real life, these discussions are almost "to the death" and all about survival because it's your job on the line.  I realize how important it is to work with people who believe in the same values as you.  How easy it is to interact when you're connecting with someone you resonate with.  How difficult it is when you're always dealing with aversion and resistance.  

Right now, I just want my mind conformed to one thing.  My faith.  And hopefully the light will be shed from there.  


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