Slowing down with La Vie En Rose

The week has been quite hard for me.  It's the first time I felt really affected by work place politics.  But I am grateful that God sustained me throughout the week.  Despite the harsh words or the whispers behind my back or the judgmental perceptions we received.

This week I learned what it means to "defeat evil".  I learned what it means to be amidst "evil" and not let myself be consumed by it.  And in not letting myself be consumed by it, I consume it.

Thanks God.

To start the peaceful weekend, I've been watching Priscilla Ahn's videos.  She has a great voice and it always calms me down when I listen to her songs.  This video enchanted me, a cover of La Vie en Rose.  Took me to a place of small town cafe and chilly mornings painted orange and gray.


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