Remembering the Best of Friends

The past few weeks have been really busy.  I cannot even begin to describe how busy it has been.  But I am also glad that even though it has been really busy I feel that I've been making some kind of progress.  Things feel like they are moving forward at work.  I was also able to get a some kind of breather and tapped into my creative side during Adi's visit.  

Now that one was a pleasant surprise.  It was only then that I felt things managed to put themselves back into order.  It's funny how people in my life become guideposts and become like anchors that bring me back to my center especially when a lot of things are in disarray.   Adi's become like that anchor.  She reminds me of my deepest desires.  To live a life filled with creativity and authenticity.  One that always seeks beauty in all things.  One that breathes all moments in.  One that savors all good conversations.  One that cradles every meaningful moment.  One that finds purpose in the ordinary.  

She's leaving tomorrow and just like the time she left 3 years ago, I find myself sitting quietly and remembering all the final moments and holding everything gently.  Grateful and melancholy.  

We passed by her house tonight.  I was tired from a long day.  The past 2 days have felt really long.  I felt like I've been working for 24 hours because I still had a long meeting at church last night that went on till 11:30pm.  The past two days have been fileld with so many dialogues and I'm wondering how my brain is taking it all in.  Emotion after emotion.  Thought after thought.  My brain expands and tries to process every human issue that has been brought into my awareness.  Into my attention.  Into my care.

She smiles and cracks jokes.  Her humor kicks in when she's trying not to cry.  I suppose we all do that when the emotions become too overwhelming to hold gracefully inside our chests.  We laugh some more and talk about things like it was any normal day.  It's funny how we cope with these moments sometimes.  How we always try to evade the issue of that terrible ache that comes with goodbyes but at the same time trying to lovingly hold on as long as we can to the moment we witness passing by.  

Life never really stays the same.  Change is always constant.  But how we embrace life.  That's what makes things last forever.  

meeting adi at mangosteen drive after 3 years

the first thing she wanted was jollibee

first bite of jollibee yum after 3 years

a lazy saturday night and good conversations in my room

intensely sketching some pottery ideas

a visit to the national museum one saturday
one friday night at TJ's with katrise

dinner at cibo with the youth


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