So I have simplified this page because I need to sort out a lot of things in my mind.  Too much clutter does not help me de-clutter.  I'm barely a week and a half in my new post and although so much is piling up in just a few days, I can say that I'm feeling quite challenged and excited with this new move.  Handling a business unit is no joke.  There is so much information I have to absorb and learn.  But I am grateful because this opportunity has finally allowed me to practice most of the things I've learned in business school and at the same time see more progress in the line.  

It is true then, that what makes a job fulfilling is progress.  

It's been hard to measure the progress of my past role.  This does not mean that I've never moved forward but the impact I want has never materialized because of decisions that bottlenecked in the pipeline and has later on been forgotten.

The busy-ness of the shop-floor has made me forget about the frustrating details behind these decisions and just focus on making things move forward from a business perspective.  

The retreat last weekend has helped me in being able to stay resilient this week and I hope I can continue staying resilient in the coming days.  My writing is back to a very forced rhythm but yes, I'll get there.


  1. Your current layout reminds me of the non-existent room I retreat to when stressed out: Pale walls, pale carpet, a cool glow through closed blinds, a bed with a down-filled comforter and a sleeping white cat, and a ceiling fan slowly spinning overhead.

  2. I love the clean simplicity of the new template. Congratulations on your new job post! I saw the update on Facebook this morning. What does the new assignment entail? It's wonderful to hear that it's conducive to measuring and validating your progress.

    Glad to see a new post from you pop up on my blog feed this afternoon. :)

  3. Hi Ouisi, your comment today encourages me especially as I take a break from all the work at midday. :)

  4. Hi Rachel! Thank you. :) The new assignment means I have to run the print media business of the company. I work for a printing company that prints packaging materials and publication materials. I'll be handling the publications end. It's exciting because it seems that God has opened doors for me to really go into writing except that, I'm starting from the back-end. Haha. I'm in the plant right now and I'm surrounded by rolls of papers 2 stories high and I can smell the ink being mixed behind the press machine. Someday, I'll be imagining that these machines will print pages of something I've written.


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