Days of Breathing

Today was one of those days that just reminded me how things can fall into place without much effort at all.  Unforced rhythms of grace.  I'd call it that.  It started with a light conversation with my Mom over breakfast.  Saturday mornings aren't usually cheerful in my household but this morning it was.  We talked about books and how it would be nice to own a small and quaint bookshop and sell titles we'd normally not find in our area.  I immediately thought of all the books I have and how wonderful it would be to have conversations with people who were interested in them.  

I love reading.  I've loved it since 5th grade.  But my taste for books have changed over time and now they have narrowed down to a few categories.  Most of the books that move me now are those that touch my spirit.  A novel would occasionally allow for a beautiful escape when days are mostly lived with too much toil and a plane ticket to somewhere it not quite within reach.  But a book that talked to me about the endless and unchanging truths about the Creator of the Universe would draw me in so deep that it's like an adventure that never ends.  

Today felt like one of those days.  

After breakfast I went to a youth praise ministry orientation and listened to a talk given by an old friend who has been gone from ministry for a while.  He reminded me about the meaningfulness of spiritual pursuit and the fulfillment that comes from being able to endure the challenges that come with it.  Faith isn't always all about the good things but it is mostly about being able to live through the difficult things.  Like failure, frustration, loneliness, ridicule, condemnation and disillusionment.  I was reminded by how serving the church made me feel complete and how despite the credentials I have under my belt, it seems that I am built for simpler things.  

Thinking about a simplified life suddenly became the topic of the day.  I spent time with the young people and wrote songs that made my heart smile.  We prayed in the middle of the garden and raised our hands in praise while the sun sank below the horizon.  

Breathing became easier and the pressures that filled the work week faded away.  Nothing else mattered. Just the pure joy of being present in the moment and knowing that I am loved by the King of heaven. 

So I end the day with these dreams. 

from the therapist writer

And a goodnight song.


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