Finally a Writing Student

The other night I took the brave step of signing up for an online writing course at the Glen Online.  I've been looking at the page for almost a year and have been contemplating taking online writing classes for about 2 years.  I finally did it.  I'm quite speechless as of this point because I'm still letting the reality hit me.  For most of my 34 year old life, I've made decisions anchored on the question: is this something my parents will approve of?  This was the first time that I've made the call on my own.  

I'm not sure how I'll be coping with writing classes the next 6 months given how things are going at work but I'm keeping faith that everything will fall into place.  I've decided to take the course below because my history with the writing craft started with poetry.  I don't write a lot anymore these days and I want to be able to understand what poems are really made of.  In that way I can try to get my rhythm back and hopefully continue to feed the spirit.


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