I Remember Beautiful Places and Making Choices

Sometimes I forget that I've actually seen beautiful places.  When I forget, my world suddenly feels too small.  I immediately feel limited.  What becomes magnified are the stressful situations that eat up the peace I try to pursue everyday.  This morning, I was thinking to myself that I need to learn how to be more decisive about my choices.  I ran into the Happiness Project Blog by Gretchen Rubin from a feed in Facebook linking me to an article about writing tips from Flannery O'Connor.  It would be a good project to do for this coming year.  

On my way to work I was telling myself that I needed to know how to respond to situations without being overpowered by the circumstance.  The past few months have extremely been busy and getting myself anchored back to my center has been a big challenge.  I noticed that some people have it easier and it's because they're able to choose the way they respond to situations.  

This morning's weight comes from a long day of planned process reviews and the fear that an unexpected work issue will run over my carefully laid out schedule.  But I choose to be grateful that it's finally Friday and look forward to relishing my first writing assignment on weekend mornings.  Hopefully the gratitude will carry enough of the weight and I won't lose today's smile.  

first stop after landing in Paris (2005). i was too overtaken by the reality and failed to realize i've witnessed beauty.


  1. How beautiful! I didn't know that you'd traveled to France. :)

  2. I went to Europe with family back in 2005. It was a time when I wasn't "awake" to life as much as I am now. Sadly. So as they say, "life is lived in retrospect". :)


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