Meeting the Praying Runner

One of the things I'm trying to get myself to do is to have a consistent prayer life.  It's a must have.  Over the years I've realized that compared to night caps, vice, and impulsive shopping, there is no better way to find peace of mind than a good hour of silence and prayer.  

I've often likened my writing life to my prayer life.  It comes and goes.  Like the ebb and flow of tides.  I lose the anchor and I drift like a log floating aimlessly at sea.  When this happens I know I've either not written enough or not prayed enough.  

This afternoon I come across someone who has known the importance of prayer.  His name is Joey Cumagun and he was my highschool professor.  He is known as the Praying Runner and his blog is a tribute to the sport of running in memory of his wife who passed away early this year after battling 11 years of breast cancer.  I am moved by his honesty and his transparency to share the grief he goes through as he moves on without his wife.  His strength and fortitude is inspiring and I am given a breath of second wind to keep on "running".  

Professor Joey Cumagun and his wife Jinky

To my readers, I hope you visit his blog and say a prayer for him.  Some of my favorite posts of his are:

He and his wife also wrote a journal together in  I join him in his prayers as I also lift up my Mom who continues to recover from chemotherapy for her ovarian cancer diagnosed last August 2011.


  1. Very moving. I love your recent "burst" of blogging, Kathy! Each entry has clearly come from your heart, and I find that so inspiring as I try to re-find my own impetus to write these days.

  2. Oh thank you Rachel! I've been trying to keep at it so that I don't lose the rhythm. Sometimes I take very long to finish a draft post and sometimes I just tell myself "stop critiquing yourself and just write!". :)


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