A New Novel to Read: Angelology

I'm hobbling.  Yes.  I'm hobbling along this page with great dreams of writing and an inconsistent rhythm as I battle with words.  But this morning I found something.  A spark.  A breath of fresh air.  A new rhythm.  

My gaze landed on this book I bought around 2 weeks ago.  It belonged to the batch of books I bought on impulse because I liked their book covers.  This one caught my eye because of the spread of angel's wings and the title.  Angelology.   I'm reading it slowly.  I don't want to rush into it.  The words melt on the palette like the banana caramel roll I just had for dessert.  It's one of those books you'd rather read on a rainy day but since it's not the least bit cloudy today, I'll take it as a holiday read.  It's forcing me to take the day off on Friday just so I won't lose the rhythm since I only have 3 working days to follow through this week.  Should I?  I should.  

Having been exposed to a lot of information on the creative life as of late, I've been feeling very attracted to the idea of slipping away into a quiet career of being a book critic.  I'm not sure how feasible that plan is as of the moment but I've always wanted to just spend the entire day reading and writing about reading and the joys of discovering worlds and worlds of stories imagined by creative minds.  

I can barely write a story of my day.  Sadly.  I'm still trying to organize how I can get myself to be integrated in my approach at work.  Before the long weekend I had a long meeting with some of my officemates and we discussed their problems and their unresolved dilemmas.  To my mind, it should be simple but oftentimes I think they like to complicate things by resisting too much of the present.  Wishing things were "this way or that".  Rightly so.  There isn't much to love about the present work situation.  But, what makes it heavy on my part is the fact that I have to carry the bulk of their dissatisfaction.  I'm dreading having to go back to work facing people like this.  

So here's my prayer.  

Please God, open your heavens and pour out your graces to these people who are difficult at work.  Locked in their minds are their own cares.  Oblivious that they have become heavy boulders that I carry.  Help us help each other so that we can breathe a little.  Amen.


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