Peacemaking and Breathing Rooms

Perhaps these next posts will be reflections on some of my favorite quotes from Shirt of Flame.  I never really quite ponder upon a book long enough to let things sink in.

You broker peace in a war, but you can only broker peace if you're at peace with yourself.  You free the enslaved, but to free the enslaved you have to have done the long, hard, lonely work of being freed from your own inner bondage.  All things, big and small, are a version of this: you allow your ego to be crucified.  To allow your ego to be crucified, you have to get very close to Christ.  [Heather King]

I'm obviously not completely at peace with myself.  Then again, who is?  But these words remind me again that I'm not and that I need to keep working at it but remaining consistently anchored to my faith.  As I keep pondering about God's call every moment, I've managed to accept that I am often called to help mediate and bring peace to situations and to people who are in conflict.  Sometimes its an external conflict.  Sometimes it's an internal one.  I've been blessed many times by this but I often fall into the trap of dwelling too long in the emotional turmoil of the process.  While I think it is a gift to be able to empathize deeply with feelings, over the years I've learned that it hasn't made me stronger in the face of adversity.

So I continue to walk with this realization and hopefully get it to sink in as the advent season passes by and I meet the King of Peace again.

The day starts early and I'm looking through old photos of of sky-shots.  Creating a breathing room for myself.

taken in july 2005 on my way to Cebu


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