Why Do I Blog?

I write this tonight in response to Rachel's post last November 4 on her own confessions about why she keeps up her blog.  Reading her post liberated me from my own struggle in finding the words I want to be able to express tonight.  

I've kept a journal since I was 12 years old.  I'd write almost about anything and everything.  From the food that I ate to the homework I forgot to pass.  I'd write about unrequited loves and the books I'd read to compensate.  Later on I started to write about spiritual experiences that have helped me live a better life.  I'd also write about the struggles I experience as I try to keep living a better life.  Writing has been like a lifeline for me.  It's the way I think.  

I've started so many blogs since 2001.  They're all over the internet and I always felt like moving from one blog to another because it's like "I never quite catch it".  I never quite define this voice I'm expressing and until it remains undefined, I will keep on exploring it by turning the page.  I've left pages of journals unfinished.  When I feel a different rhythm coming or a different life phase, I turn the page.  It helps me get started up once again but it doesn't help me define my voice.  It doesn't help me get grounded in my writing and thresh out all the things I want to be able to unearth as I journey through the revelations I find in my words, and that of others'.

Tonight I realize that I need to anchor myself on to something.  This just doesn't go for my writing pursuits.  I need to be able to make choices and not just let myself be carried away by circumstances.  

So here's to being able to write more and share more.  Hoping that as I share more, I'll be able to experience an unraveling of life and touch the lives of others who unravel theirs as well.  Maybe in that movement, I'll find that voice and delight in the experience of discovering the voice of others as well.


  1. This is beautifully expressed, Kathy. I think it really helps to put our sense of purpose (and dare I say calling) into writing. Perhaps it's an important aspect of making something that feels abstract seem more concrete. I know that I will look back on my own words in the coming days and weeks, and draw strength and perseverance from them. I particularly love this line: "Writing has been like a lifeline for me. It's the way I think." Yes! Ditto! :)

  2. Yes definitely. I think it becomes really significant once purpose is made articulate. :)


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