Christmas Peace

The past 5 days of my vacation here at the hometown has been quite restful. It's a much needed break indeed.  I've finally been able to have some time to write and read as much as I want without having to worry about being interrupted with another work issue.   I have found a place of peace from within and learned that there is much to cultivate inside my spirit to keep the interior peace alive.  It is the fragility or the strength of the interior mettle that determines how peace can survive. 

This Christmas season, I have learned that my life is largely a result of God's favor.   Willpower can only take me to certain lengths.   I say this because I have managed to survive 3 years of working in such a stressful environment and the most stress-relieving moments have been found when I've "let go" of most of my concerns and just surrendered my cares in an act of prayer.  

The weariness that have resulted from all the work I've done this year is because of the weaknesses of my character and the absence of my faith in moments when I could have completely surrendered to His grace. I am grateful that throughout the tensions of this phase, I am still enlightened somehow with the comfort that things will unfold slowly and beautifully in due time.

Right now in enjoying another book (I've finished 3 so far this month) and enjoying the sound of rain on the windowsill again.


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